AKRON, OH 19-Jan-2022

Engineers actively participating in the NANOG email list had a rare breakthrough on a major problem plaguing nearly no one on Wednesday evening. After a hearty debate and several days of pedantic, tangentially and often unrelated back and forth, Torg Bromlington announced that although he had no real stake in the issue and does not run any networking at scale, that he deemed the issue “resolved, thank you”.

“This is a major issue for me on my home network consisting of a Cisco 1900 series catalyst switch that I reclaimed from a dumpster behind TJ Maxx, and someone needs to solve it!” Announced Burton Handlegraves, a vocal expert on seemingly everything related to networking, business, geopolitical politics, and haberdashery.
“Someone at the ISP needs to address my problem, now!” he continued. “Just give me access to the hub I connect to, and I’ll take care of it”. When community members attempted to explain that most of these issues could likely be resolved by simply replacing the well traveled catalyst 1900 series device, and possibly also increase his performance, fellow networking and hat enthusiast Torg Bromlington piped up with an idea to write a draft to run 1G Ethernet over 10M Ethernet. “I know we can do this, and anyone that disagrees with me is wrong” Torg asserted. Active members continued to evaluate the technical merit and the sentence structure of his email, however, Torg considered the matter closed.

Upon hearing of the technical issue, non-participating members of an unrelated IETF mailing list announced that they would take up the charge to get a draft written to not quite address the issue and expected a completed, approved standard within the next 13 years.