CHICAGO, IL 23-Jan-2022

Storage engineer Damian Rothgar reported “bewilderment and perplexing feelings” about a recent networking meet-up in his local Chicago community. “No one really welcomed me in, they all seemed really confused as to why I was there” he stated. “I mean, storage networks are just like any other network”, Damian said, confused. “You can totally run IP over Infiniband, and fiber channel has so many similarities it’s not even funny! Let’s talk about BBcredits!” Damian announced as fellow network engineers in the next table made a veiled effort to talk over him with details about the newest changes to the merchant silicon offerings and lamented the limits to accessing the Broadcom SDK.

“Heck, some of this stuff is better!” Damian proclaimed proudly as nearby network engineers grimaced in disdain.

“We’re not really sure why he’s here.” Jason Nedster, local network engineer for a high frequency trading company said. “He kinda overheard us talking about this networking meet-up, and was blathering on about how storage networks were the unsung backbone of the internet. He kept going on and on about without the storage networks, there would be nothing for data networking engineers to do.” Continued Jason. “I mean, he’s weird with all of his talk about storage and disk arrays, and my god, he keeps calling storage and networking ‘kissing cousins’ because there is some overlap in the underlying protocols, which really creeps me out.” Jason whispered, as he attempted to dodge the glances from Damian. “I get it, they kinda are related and there is a lot of the same fundamental elements, but he’s just weird. I mean, I know SANs are important, and I have no issue there, but what we don’t want is a gaggle of storage folks showing up to our meet up and dorking up the scene.”

Damian was last seen talking to an unrelated table of inebriated business executives about the pros and cons of an arbitrated loop architecture vs a switched storage fabric.