“This is absolute but anarchy!” moaned IT generalist and policy aficionado Cody Sadleir of IT consulting firm “SavanIT”. “They’re literally wasting bits on the wire with this affront to proper etiquette, norms, and most importantly POLICY. We just don’t do it this way, if folks really can’t use the simply elegance of procmail that I have talked about at length at several happy hour events, I just don’t think they should be in IT. Certainly not here at SavanIT. I mean, SAVANT is in the name!!”, Cody continued, angrily. “Look, if folks can’t use a simple MDA like procmail to filter their email, what are they doing here!?! I have been using procmail since 1998, and it’s not like it’s new. Why do we need to do things like move to some stupid subject containing a bracket that tells us we’re getting mail from the breakroom events list!!?! I just don’t see why we need to change any of this, there are ways to do this already!!”

angry cody

“Oh man, Cody has been on a tear for like 3 weeks about the mailing list changes.” Oscar Meeks, network consultant and chair of the breakroom events committee mused. “He’s had this company wide mail thread on fire, frothing at the mouth about how adding [breakroom] to the subject line is wasting bits on the wire and storage space on the ancient mail server that he runs for the company. I mean, someone asked to add that just for convenience, and once I asked that it be done he went into some kind of blood feud with me. I mean, he’s as mad as a cut snake, like arguing with me when I’m on the dunny, but only when I’m sitting down. He runs out as soon as I finish up and emerge from the stall.” Oscar lamented. “He thinks if he has some overly complex way of doing something that if anyone can’t perform the technical acrobatics of editing text files on a unix system somewhere, test that it works, and understand if it doesn’t then they have no business doing anything in IT. He’s real cool like that” Cody proclaimed, sarcastically. “Always happy to help by making everyone do everything his way or not at all, and bellyaching and kicking up a fuss until he gets his way or everyone jumps off the roof.”

“He’s an old timer, ya know?” said Archer Basedow, the CFO of the company. “The boss keeps him around because he is the only one left that understands Novell Netware and is willing to go to the dives that still have that ancient crap, and he keeps the boss home theater working. He came from some kind of railroad signaling job, I dunno. He’s kinda just like a hemorrhoid that will never heal, apparently we just have to live with it.”