In a flurry of succinct, anger fueled posts to popular facebook group “Net-Talk”, newcomer - and by his own assertion - internetworking expert Leofstan Eowald furiously and repeatedly broadcast that “anything not enterprise grade is clearly a crap toy”. His rage only rivaled by his clear expertise in topics such as fine linen pants as well as running Cisco ASR100 series routers, he ardently asserted that “anything less than enterprise grade hardware is full of bugs” and that “an ASR100X with unlimited license can be purchased on ebay for $2000”. Much like the incredible hulk, his unbridled rage grew if anyone dissented almost as if it were fueled by the unthinkable prospect that anyone not running “enterprise level hardware” would expect any reliability or performance. As noted by several group participants, as Leo’s frenzied madness grew, as did his encyclopedic knowledge of the Cisco ASR100X - with unlimited license. “These things can do 40G without bugs, without outages, and without wearing a honking clown nose and giant shoes!!! You all need to GROW UP!” he blasted. “SPAs, dual power supplies. NO SOFTWARE BUGS. HOT PLUG, CVE FREE” he rambled.



“TAC!!!” Leo continued.

Pressing Leo on what “enterprise grade” actually meant only added to his fury - and thereby his unparalleled expertise. Speculation of an aneurysm and concern for Leo’s heart health and mental state seemed to only embolden the maestro of the the ASR0.1k, and to which he at one point began responding with a simple stream of NXOS and IOS-XR commands typed and posted with a speed so extreme that it was even proposed by terrified group spectator Wiremu Mikaere that he was actually a Cisco AI bot gaining self-awareness. After a full 22 minutes of cisco commands that were discovered by group members to creat a small enterprise network with a spanning tree loop over vlan 86, group moderator Lestat Charnelstade took the repeated vlan 86 commands as a sign to remove Leo from the group, but only as a temporary ban.

Discussion continued as to the validity of Leo’s claims, with many agreeing that “without smartnet or a TAC, how can we be expected to get support for network architecture changes and upgrades. The answer to the question “what does enterprise grade actually mean?” was never fully agreed upon.