ALBERTA, CA, 2022-03-06

In shocking news that rattled the very foundations of internet transit availability, it was revealed in an unsolicited email to an ardent supporter of JFI that a major international transit provider does, in fact, have a new account manager covering his area. This exclusive, brought the attention of the JFI news desk just moments ago, was handed JFI for immediate reporting by professional network engineer and [](extreme ironing) amateur Gosto Oliveira.

“I just received this email letting me know that this international network provider was able to offer me three distinct products in my remote area.” Gosto excitedly told JFI in a skype call from his remote European location. “I mean, how did they even know I was working here!?! I just started two weeks ago, and was only just added to take over the RIPE duties of the last guy like two hours ago”. Gosto, excited yet confused, proclaimed over the somewhat choppy video call. “These folks must have extra sensory perception or something, how else could they have my information and new email that fast!?! Incredible work.” Gosto, visibly excited, noticeable even over the Max Headroom-esq video conference, could barely contain his excitement, stating, “I plan to take this to management immediately, I will let you know straight away when I hear anything back.” He continued to regale the bullpen with lofty possibilities and unlimited affordable bandwidth. “With this I could finally start my twitch channel and really get the world out about EI (Extreme Ironing), not to mention the business benefits.”

Gosto was kind enough to provide JFI with a copy of the exciting email:

Hi Gosto,

Good afternoon, My name is Sabin Jeger and I am a new account manager in your area. We wanted to introduce ourselves to you. Attached is a very brief overview of our 3 niche products that I am pleased to offer in your area.

If you have Internet connectivity projects, need contingency backup or wish to future proof your infrastructure, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Thank you,

Sabin Jeger

National Account Manager

Upon the last communication with Gosto, he was still excited, but had become somewhat muted because the company was “still checking on resource availability in that area” but had suggested he “connect at their major POP 221 kilometers away”.