In a not-totally-unexpected move, the telecommunications and data powerhouse TeleCommuniData has chosen to rebrand their global services offering as “Komuniki”, spokesperson Veru Klammath told JumboFrameInternet. “We’re really looking to simplify our marketing strategy, so we’ve chosen what we think is a much more descriptive name.”, Veru said. “The name is far easier to understand, being based on the universal language Esperanto, the world’s most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language, which most people should know, being that there is at least one movie done entirely in the language, and that it is meant to be totally universal.”, she continued.

While customers remain apathetic, technical users and experts by their own assertion, are skeptical. “I don’t know what they think this changes!” Jarvis Hester complained on Slashdot. “They still don’t even provide service to my area of the Canadian northern territory!” responded Calvin Lemeoux. While users and casual complainers were equally confounded and angered by the rebranding, none could succinctly express exactly why they were upset by the seemingly unnecessary but nevertheless innocous change.

When confronted with these potential-but-unlikely users and their online pontification about the usefulness of the rebrand, Veru first expressed confusion that Slashdot still existed as a medium frequented by technical illuminati, but did respond by saying “well, it’s a re-envisioning of the company and our universal mission to provide DIA and transport services as low, low prices.”