GAINSVILLE, FL 24-Jan-2022

Self proclaimed network architect and amateur DJ Byron Galantowitz AKA bgzzzDJ101 provides valuable input on how cloudflare should run their network after a brief 302 redirected to popular site, which to many looking for actual funnels, did not deliver the goods via a convenient large to small opening for efficiently moving liquid. Taking to networking expertise juggernaut Reddit, Byron delivered valuable if unconventional advice on how to run a global, highly redundant, and exceptionally well engineered content provider. “Why not just static route that domain to somewhere else?” he proclaimed repeatedly.
With the entire event lasting only minutes, Byron was quick to point out that “it was probably solved just like I said, static routes.”. While members of the group were skeptical of the proposed solution, stating that “this really seems like an application level thing”, Byron was insistent that there were few issues that “a handful of well placed static routes cant (sic) fix”.

302 Redirect

After the erroneous 302 was remedied, the conversation continued on the sub-reddit eventually devolving into how many Netgear nighthawk routers one has to manage to be a proper network architect [editor’s note: the number was to high to be realistic], and if running linksys switches and/or dd-wrt systems counted toward the title [editor’s note: no real resolution on this front]. The conversation fizzled out “until the next time someone needs some real help” when bgzzzDJ101 left the thread “to get back to his DJ work because “If you ain’t redlining you ain’t headlining”. At the time of this writing bgzzzDJ101 was unable to be reached for further comment due to fighting off wannabe DJs trainspotting his spins.