“Of course we need to use containers!” Proclaimed Trevor Greeley, a recent hire into speciality shoe repair chain Scarpe Diem. “I was hired to modernize the IT in this backwards, old person footlocker!” Trevor boasts. “There is absolutely no reason that we can’t containerize everything. The point of sale system, DNS, DHCP, the inventory database, the phone system PBX, all of it. All we need to do is install a full rack of servers in each location with a router at the top next to the fiber patch panel - just put one in each of our 127 locations. Easy peasy.” Trevor continued, speaking forcefully over long time IT manager Lawrence Piedi. “We have no branch IT systems at all, Lawrence calmly stated. We run everything at corporate, and there is no real need for anything other than a simple PoS station at each branch. Even our inventory is really simple and done on actual books, maybe we could talk about digitizing that.” Lawrence continued. “Whatever, boomer”, Trevor interrupted, Laughing at his own ill-placed endeavor at humor. You don’t know anything about scaling up technology, or cloud, or kubernetes. Do you even HAVE a CCIE or a AWS Cloud solutions architect!?!? I’m going to be BOTH! We need a full kube stack at each location, that way we can use the WAN to fail them all over and create resiliency, then do cloud bursting when we need the extra CPU.” Trevor blurted, angrily. “Look, I get that you used to do things a certain way” Trevor directed toward Lawrence. “But in the real world, we containerize everything and when we don’t it’s all cloud. I can have pihole up and running in minutes. MINUTES!” Trevor asserts. “We’ll be our own cloud if you’ll just get out of my WAY!”.

Speaking candidly to JFI, Lawrence confides that “Trevor was hired because he’s the college boyfriend of the owners granddaughter, although I think he dropped out to focus on something called a “CCIE Journey”. I don’t really know what the hell that means, but he’s come in here tossing big words around and asking for huge budget changes, which we really don’t have. He’s a bit of a jackass, to tell you the truth.” Lawrence told JFI, clearly exasperated in dealing with Trevor. “Look, we fix high end shoes. In some locations we sell high end shoes. We don’t even have internet access in most of the shops. Most of the employees do not really even know what Wi-Fi is because they’re craftsmen, artisans, they don’t care about Tick-Tock, this isn’t a damned clock repair chain. They don’t give a damn about cube cuddles or whatever the hell Trevor wants to build. He thinks we’re an amazon or a bookface, but we just want to fix shoes.”

When attempting to reach Trevor, JFI was informed that he was last seen aggressively advocating for “labbing every day” and begging his girlfriend to ask her grandfather if he could replace the 6U of of IT equipment at the corporate office with a 33 RU Cisco 8800 series router to terminate their 50Mbps DSL connection.